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Welcome to our pub, where the evolution of pub food has taken leaps beyond the days of a cling-filmed 'Crusty Cob' and a packet of 'Cheese and Onion.' While we still delight in crafting the classic 'Somerset Salad' – a pickled egg nestled in a packet of crisps, should you fancy a nostalgic bite – our culinary journey has embraced various styles and inspirations, with a commitment to delivering quality and flavour.

Unlike the industrial kitchens of fast-food chains, we pride ourselves on our traditional approach. No high-tech gadgets or a brigade of chefs here – just honest, hearty cooking that refuses to compromise on taste.

Quality is our touchstone. From dayboat-caught inshore fish from Cornwall to the superbly dry-aged Aberdeen Angus beef sourced from the Quantocks, we use the finest and freshest ingredients. Our commitment extends to Hobbs House Bakery's bread, courtesy of TV's 'Fabulous Baker Brothers,' and Clarence Court's free-range Burford Brown eggs. Whether you join us for a light lunch, evening supper, or our acclaimed traditional English Sunday Roast, expect an ode to quality and taste.

Peruse our sample menus for a taste of our offerings, but be prepared for changes – we're inspired by what's good and available, and Chef (aka Dad) might sway things based on his morning mood!

Rubbish and cheap alternatives have no place in our kitchen. We believe that if you're spending your hard-earned money, it should be on something decent. Our dedication is evident in every dish we prepare.

Our fresh fish, delivered promptly from our award-winning supplier of dayboat-caught South Coast fish.

For our younger guests, a dedicated children's menu awaits, featuring timeless favourites. If your little one fancies something from the main menu in a smaller portion, just ask – we're happy to accommodate.

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