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With over 20 years of catering experience and a Master of the Craft Guild Of Chefs, Mike will always be at the helm in the kitchen cooking and presenting your food (Some would say it is the best place for him, we haven’t worked out yet whether that’s a compliment or not!!) and we are committed to giving you well cooked, proper

tasty food that is exactly

what it says

 it is.



Things have certainly moved on just a little in the world of Pub Food since a rock hard, cling filmed ‘Crusty Cob’ on the back of a bar and a packet of ‘Cheese and Onion’ was about your lot, although we’re still very happy to supply a little ‘Haute Cuisine’ in the form of the old ‘Somerset Salad’ on request, that’s a pickled egg in a packet of crisps in case you didn’t know!

There have been many styles and ‘inspirations’ since then, some good, some… not quite so good!

We don’t have an industrial sized kitchen, banks of high tech. kit or a brigade of Chef’s running around. We cook things in a traditional way and don’t pretend to be or want to be a fast food restaurant.


We don’t believe you can make a silk purse out of a sows ear either and always use the best quality, fresh and where practical, local ingredients we can find from fresh dayboat caught, inshore fish from Cornwall and superb dry aged Aberdeen Angus beef from the Quantocks right down to Hobbs House Bakery bread from TV’s ‘Fabulous Baker Brothers’ and Clarence Court’s lovely free range Burford Brown eggs. We think this is reflected in the quality and taste of the food we offer whether it be for a tasty light lunch, an evening supper or our proper and much acclaimed traditional English Sunday Roast lunch.

Check our sample board menus below for examples of our food offering although we do change things around on a fairly frequent basis generally based on what we can get hold of that’s good and what side of the bed Chef (Dad!) gets out of in the morning!

We don’t buy rubbish or use cheap alternatives, we just prepare our food with the best quality ingredients that we can find. It follows our way of thinking, if you are going to spend your money on something, it may as well be something decent.

There will usually be a ‘Dish Of the Day’ or two, cooked freshly that day using what takes our fancy and is in the market place and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Our ‘Fresh Fish’ again, will be exactly that, freshly delivered from our award winning supplier of dayboat caught south coast fish and again, when it’s gone, it’s gone.

For our younger guests we have a children’s menu available with, of course, good old favourites but we are also happy to offer smaller portions off our main menu where it is possible to do so.


Sample Lunch MENu

&  L I G H T  B I T E S


BREAD & OLIVES – 8 (GF*) (vg) 

Crusty hobbs house bread, with extra virgin tuscan olive oil & balsamic syrup for dipping, mixed
chalkidiki & kalamata olives, with red pepper, garlic & marinated in herbs de provence

PARFAIT – 9 / 12 

Smooth chicken liver & wild mushroom parfait, toasted bread, dressed salad & red onion marmalade

- starter - 9

- main meal -  larger portion with extra toast & salad 12


Luxury royal greenland prawns, homemade marie rose & cognac sauce finished with a large crevette


Finest whole, sweet langoustine tails in a light & crispy batter, tartare sauce, dressed salad garnish

- 8 piece starter portion 10
- 12 pieces main meal portion (with chips/fries & petit pois) 19


Spicy batter coated chicken fillet pieces, peri mayonnaise & ‘Frank’s Original’ hot sauce & dressed salad

PITTA & HOUMOUS – 8.5 (vg*)

Toasted pitta bread with jalapeno houmous & mixed olives with feta



Fresh inshore, line caught south coast cod in crispy light panko crumb with chunky chips, petit pois & tartare


Creamy free-range Burford Brown scrambled eggs, Severn & Wye smoked salmon, toasted sourdough & dressed salad

HAM 'N' EGGS – 14 (GF)

Roast sliced ham from free-range pigs. Chunky chips, two fried Burford Brown eggs, petit pois & piccalilli

WRAPS – 14

Your choice of filling in a soft tortilla wrap with skinny fries & dressed salad garnish

- Chicken Caesar with spicy batter coated fried chicken fillet pieces & parmesan Caesar salad

- Mushroom & halloumi with pan fried Somerset Abbots Leigh halloumi cheese & portobello
mushroom, mayonnaise, sweet chilli sauce & cos lettuce (v)



The classic French hot sandwich – a Dijon mustard béchamel with cayenne, tabasco & gruyere cheese. Layered & baked until golden with skinny fries & dressed salad garnish

Monsieur - with smoked ham

Forestiere - with mushrooms (v)

ask to make either of these croques a “madame” by adding a fried burford brown egg on top for 90p

g r i d d l e  m e n u


10oz pure bred, dry aged, Aberdeen Angus sirloin from our award-winning local butcher, seasoned & griddled


Classic pub – with chunky chips, petit pois & herb roasted beef tomato

Or: Steak frites – the classic French lunch, served with pan juices, skinny fries & dressed salad

Add - 

our secret recipe ‘café de paris’ butter (gf) - 2

creamy pink, green peppercorn & cognac sauce - 3 

classic red wine, mushroom & madeira jus - 3


Our Cajun marinated English chicken breast griddled & served with skinny fries, parmesan Caesar salad with croutons, homemade coleslaw & guacamole


Homemade exclusively from 100% sirloin & short rib course ground Aberdeen Angus mince in a toasted brioche bun with lettuce & beef tomato with skinny fries & relish on the side


Add -

Monterey jack cheese – 1.5

Dry cured smoked streaky bacon – 1.5

S A L A D  B A R

PLOUGHMANS – one item 13 | two items 15 | three items 17

hoose from cheddar, grade A stilton or free-range ham, traditionally served with appropriate pickles & fresh bread


you’ve not had a salad until you’ve had a White Horse salad!

fresh dressed house salad with extras of your choice (gf)

- grade A stilton, caramelised walnuts, pear & ham - 15 
- or leave off the ham - 13 (v)

- royal greenland luxury prawns, homemade marie rose & cognac sauce, crevette - 17

- warm falafel, houmous, olives & red onion - 14 (v)
- loch fyne classic smoked salmon, capers & cornichons – 17


Onion rings – 4
Garlic bread – 4.5
Cheesy garlic bread – 4.7
Bread & butter – 3.5
Garlic Mushrooms – 4.5
Chips/Fries – 4.5
Minted peas – 3.5
Gravy - 3
Side salad – 4
Extra veg – 4
Coleslaw – 3.5
Mash – 4.5
Parmesan mash – 5
Halloumi – 4
Café de Paris - 3

VG - vegan | V – vegetarian | GF – gluten free | GF* - gluten free adjustment available

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