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Callum, Christina, Michael, Hannah & Harriet (Sonny's christening, 2013)


Welcome to the White Horse Inn, Mark.

In 1993, Michael and Christina (known to most as Mike & Chrissy), left behind their life in Staffordshire and the West-Midlands, relocating to the countryside of Somerset. With their two young daughters, Harriet (b. 1989) and Hannah (b. 1990), they embarked on a journey that would lead them to this charming pub. It was here that their third (and final) child, Callum, came into the world in 1994, making the White Horse Inn not just a place of business but also a place where their family grew and thrived.

In 2001, the family bid farewell to the pub temporarily, exploring other business ventures, including the original Table 8 restaurant in Wedmore, 8 Outside Catering Company, and Acorns Café in Brent Knoll. They also managed The Lynch Country House Hotel in Somerton, before fate led them back to the White Horse Inn in 2014.

In December 2014, after a 13 year hiatus - the pub was taken over by sisters Harri and Han, with support and guidance from their parents. The family embarked on a mission to restore the White Horse Inn to its former glory, breathing new life into a place that had witnessed many landlords come and go. After some private events, and soft launches, the pub reopened fully to the public in February 2015.

Meanwhile, Callum pursued his studies at the University of Liverpool and then carried on to work in Sales and Marketing management for a hotel company with sites across Liverpool, Lancashire and Belfast.

As life unfolded, Han decided to focus on raising her own children, devoting her time to raise two gorgeous boys, Sonny (b. 2012) & Finley (b. 2020). Harri later embarked on the journey of motherhood, going on maternity leave in April 2023 - welcoming baby Hallie into the pub, born June 2023. This welcomed Cal to return from Liverpool to cover his sister's maternity leave.

The White Horse Inn has evolved over the years, and now, we are excited to embrace the future. With the growing popularity of alternative and more family focused weddings, we are expanding from a country inn in to a multi-use venue for dining, events and weddings. We look forward to being a part of your special moments and continuing the legacy of warmth, family and community that defines the White Horse Inn.


Harriet, Hannah & Callum in 2001 and 2015

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